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Economic Development Resources and Tools

We are always adding new information to the EcDev Resources and Tools page, click below for more information. If there is something missing, or you know of information that belongs on this page, let us know and email wfnedo@wahgoshigfirstnation.com

Attention Wahgoshig First Nation Students

The Economic Development Department wants to work with WFN students. We are open to participating in studies and research of Wahgoshig First Nation students. If you are a student and interested in business, management, economics, sustainability, finance or sustainability studies, please email Danielle to see how we can work together to support your interests.

If you have a project you are working on and would like to reach out to the Economic Development Department for help or to participate in your work, please reach out to us.

If you have questions about a career in Economic Development or would one day like to work for WFN and the EcDev departments, give us a shout!


705-273-2055 x 222


About the Economic Development Department



Danielle K Harris, BBA

Economic Development Officer


What we do:

Vision: Economic Development activities balance the needs of our community now, and for future generations, while embracing the traditional and contemporary values of our members, as Wahgoshig works to be a visible leader, pathfinder, and mentor to other Indigenous Communities.

Economic Development works to create a healthy and spirited environment for Wahgoshig members and the community. This department works to helps the community achieve a stable and strong foundation.

Economic Development creates many different opportunities for the community and members while welcoming both tradition and modern-day practices. It is also forward looking. Different types of economic activity means Wahgoshig is not dependent one type of income or one specific industry and this makes Wahgoshig’s self-determination stronger.

The Economic Development department has a meaningful impact on the community. Direct impact can be measured with numbers but there are also other important ways the department impacts the community. Financials and money come from projects in our local area, across Canada and also from international areas. This is one way the department can help Wahgoshig be personally and culturally healthy.

The economic development department works hard to identify the special and unique strengths of our community. This helps us have low risk business opportunities that don’t need a lot of money at the beginning of projects. We have used our limited wealth very wisely to become the first ever First Nation to invest in medicinal cannabis. Our Wahgoshig branding as a First Nation is valuable to companies like DelShen – it makes us an attractive business partner for other businesses – and we have used that to our advantage when looking for opportunities in mining, forestry, cannabis, and energy.

Where we want to go

In 2018 - 2019 Economic Development will:

Vision – Work to make the vision a reality 

Opportunities – leverage our opportunities by building on our existing partnerships:

  • Work with WFN owned businesses to grow and develop

  • Identify new business opportunities within the community and find partnerships opportunities for new business ventures

  • Develop CommunityMember Economic Development Plan for Wahgoshig First Nation band members. Build entrepreneurship and small businesses so community members can find ways to help themselves, family and other community members ( includes economic, social, environmental and cultural)

  • Seek and secure new sources of revenue and income for the community

  • Host skill development and capacity building workshops for community members

  • Continue to build meaningful relationships with mining and forestry partners, in our traditional territory

  • Collaborate with the elected Councillor with the Economic Development Portfolio to integrate and represent the needs and wishes of community members

Panoramic View of Wahgoshig Lake

The intent of Economic Development is to create a robust and resilient economy in which Wahgoshig members prosper and the community achieves economic stability and resilience. 

Economic Development creates diversity of opportunity while embracing both tradition and contemporary practice. It also forward looking. 

Diverse economic activity lessens the dependency on any one revenue stream or industry segment and thereby contributes to Wahgoshig self determination. 


If you would like to contact the Economic Development Department, send us a message and we will get back to you!

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